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As well as being a novel writer, I am also a Games writer. I mainly do CYOA/Gamebooks but I also dabble in Pen and Paper RPG's and Tabletop Wargames. To get PDF's of spare adventure sheets and other documents to help play them click the button below

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This is my debut Gamebook and will be available on paperback and E-book soon. This is book 1 of a 3 part Gamebook series With book two coming out later this year.

"It All Starts Here History has repeatedly proven that the human race is susceptible to becoming infected by viruses — often by inhaling the smallest particles expelled when another person coughs, for instance — and then becomes sick several days later as these viruses divide and grow within our bodies.

Some viruses become a mere cold or flu, while others mutate and cause serious harm. Some kill. You are one of these Viruses, and like the others of your kind, you must spread and mutate to survive! You are no ordinary virus, however. You are sentient; 

"This is part story, part game and you are the hero of sorts. A pencil and eraser and two standard dice is all you need to start spreading your viral wings"

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